The Way Of The Conscious Warrior – with P. T. Mistlberger – Episode #36

Phil Teertha Mistlberger is a transpersonal therapist and an author of 5 books, including a new book for men: The Way Of The Conscious Warrior – A Handbook For 21st Century Men. He joins me on the show to discuss the issues men face today and the solutions he has proposed in his book.

Phil teaches that in this time of rapid change, there has been a loss of the warrior ethos. In his book, he points to a much needed revival of some of the admirable qualities of the warrior archetype: grit, discipline, fire, embodiment, and “necessary battle”.

On this episode we discuss:

  • Spiritual Bypassing: Phoney Holiness and the need to know your ego before you can transcend your ego.

  • “To be an awakened man, you first need to be a man” – G.I. Gurdjieff. There’s no awakening without self-acceptance.

  • Using your life experiences (particularly the challenging ones) to find the meta-messages for your life.

  • All the happenings in your life are teachings in disguise.

  • The 3 things needed to wake up – The Buddha (the teacher), The Dharma (the teaching), and The Sangha (the fellowship).

  • Building a “Conscious Warrior” – Taking the useful traits of the Monk and the Warrior.

  • Phil’s favourite warrior cultures.

  • Why Phil uses examples of warriors throughout history, but does not idolize any of them.

  • The power of living life for principles rather than blind devotion to people.

  • Who is this book for?

  • How men struggle in their lives as an unconscious attempt to punish their father or mother.

  • The best way to change the world: do you own inner work, and be present and involved with the outside world. Live an impeccable life.

  • What is happening with the growth of The Samurai Brotherhood (now The Arka Brotherhood) – Phil’s men’s work community that he founded.


To find the book, look on Amazon and please do leave a review, or look for it at your local book store.

You can find P.T. Mistlberger’s online writings at

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P.T. Mistlberger works out of Vancouver, BC, Canada. He is an artist, an author, the leader of The Arka Brotherhood (formerly The Samurai Brotherhood), and he leads transformational workshops based on Conscious Relationship principles.