To Be A Man – with Mark Groves – Episode #21

Mark Groves, The Human Connection Specialist, joins me for another conversation about masculinity, relationships, and healing our wounds as a group.

Mark provides no BS relationship advice to men and women, drawing on his many years of experience and studies of relationships. He brings his blunt, funny, and outspoken style to our conversation.

On this episode, we discuss:

  • Mark’s Upcoming Podcast

  • What “Be A Man” Means

  • The old “masculinity”. Time to redefine it.

  • Childhood trauma, circumcision, and fighting for whats right

  • “Men’s Rights” – Why its not okay to speak about it

  • The school system and why “all boys have ADD”

  • The making of the “Nice Guy syndrome”

  • How modern conflict-avoidant men end relationships

  • The shaming of men, and how it wounds men further

  • Shaming men for being sensitive

  • How to build an emotionally cut-off man

  • How not talking about sex makes our sex culture worse

  • The “Me Too” movement and how it is a part of our healing

  • Criticism and our critical culture

  • Masculine and Feminine traits

  • Toxic Masculinity and Toxic Femininity

  • Societal shadow issues

  • Holding space at an individual level, and societal level

  • Men – learning to express emotion

  • Leaning in to The New Masculinity

  • The Masters Of The Universe Summit


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Mark’s Website –
The MOTU Website –

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