Tuff Love: The Special Sauce of Intimate Relationship – with Robert Kandell – Episode #26

Robert Kandell, host of the Tuff Love podcast joins me for a conversation about how to have authentic relationships in business, social, and with romantic partners. Bringing “tough love” and having hard conversations is not easy, and often uncomfortable, but the payoffs for the quality of your relationships is huge.

Robert has a new book our called unHIDDEN: A Book for Men and Those Confused by Them, and you can find that (and pre-order) on his website.

Quick reference for this show, we cover:

  • The Junkyard dog – a real archetype that the world needs

  • How to improve your self-esteem and find freedom

  • How men remain hidden in the world

  • Robert’s 8 step process for UnHiding:

    1. Confront – face the uncomfortable reality you’ve been avoiding

    2. Investigate – explore that reality. Find answers. Find sanity.

    3. Commit – Make a decision to DO something

    4. Design a strategy – make it achievable, don’t white-knuckle it

    5. Complete the milestone – complete the cycle

    6. Celebrate – Actually celebrate, physically.

    7. Debrief – find our where you can restructure

    8. Repeat – Do another cycle

  • Why a man would consider quitting porn.

  • How to have a “tough love” conversation

  • The secret to releasing the tension of that thing you’ve been withholding: Apology

Robert’s Bio:

Robert Kandell has spent the last 20 years helping people re-energize their lives and build better relationships and sex through more honest and authentic connection and communication.

Robert Kandell Evolving Man

After building a successful consulting firm in San Francisco, he then took his business acumen and co-founded One Taste (orgasmic meditation) with Nicole Daedone in 2004. Taking on the challenging task of bringing conscious sexuality to the mainstream market, Robert built the company from a paper napkin sketch to an 8-figure international corporation. He left OneTaste in 2014 to start his own consulting firm, Kandell Consulting, which helps small businesses become marketable and profitable.

Robert is also an accomplished teacher, coach, and lecturer with over 400 workshops under his belt. He also brings his enthusiasm and passion to his weekly podcast, Tuff Love podcast on subjects around relationships, intimacy, sex, communication and gender dynamics.

He also has written a book titled unHIDDEN: A Book for Men and Those Confused by Them
which will be released November 15th this year.

Preorder the book – robertkandell.com

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