Your Life Is Bigger Than You Think – w/ Naturopath Dr. Aaron VanGaver – Episode #17

Dr. Aaron VanGaver is a Naturopathic Doctor working with addicted people in downtown Vancouver, BC. He treats many of the people that we would classify as “classic addicts”, but Aaron himself is also a living breathing example that addiction affects every population, even doctors.

Aaron has his own story of losing connection with himself, finding drugs as a solution, and then finding recovery and reconnection through a series of divine events. He now works exclusively with addicts in early recovery. He is a doctor working with the body, but also a counsellor, and a coach.

Aaron uses IV drips, vitamins, and amino acids to help the detoxification process. This can also can treat the post-acute-withdrawal symptoms, depression, and anhedonia that can accompany early recovery.

The biggest gift Aaron carries is the counselling he offers around shame, trauma, self-esteem, and most importantly, working with people on identifying their life’s purpose. This unconventional approach gives his clients something to live for.

“I truly believe everyone has got a gift to give the world.” -Dr. VanGaver

Aaron is on a mission to change how people talk about and understand addiction. He wants to reduce the stigma about addiction in our culture.

In this episode we cover:

  • Aaron’s story of addiction and recovery

  • HALT protocol – Hungry Angry Lonely Tired

  • IV Vitamin Therapy

  • Advanced IV Protocols for Addiction Recovery

  • “The Shadow” and how it controls us

  • How long it takes a brain to heal from Crystal Meth addiction

  • Using psychedelics to addiction

  • The Magic Bullet for treating addiction

  • The importance of human connection in recovery – Rat Park

  • How to deal with a family member who is addicted

Check out Dr. VanGaver’s website for more information on the treatments he provides, and how you can get in touch with him.